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Are you tired of trying but failing to
Get Over It?

Are you spinning in the
Are you ready to BREAK FREE?

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Life can be turned upside down when you least expect it​. It’s normal to feel uncertain of which way to turn - or like you are taking one step forward and fifty back in your healing journey.

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Step 1: OBJECTIFY: discover what has you stuck
Step 2: VALIDATE: allow yourself to feel
Step 3: EXAMINE: decide what you'll do
Step 4: REBUILD: start living in freedom

I created the O.V.E.R. process to help people just like you move forward with clarity, confidence, and courage.

This compassionate guide and simple action plan will help you:

  • meaningfully move to the other side of what you are facing

  • snapback from past toxic experiences or relationships

  • exchange the guilt and shame of being stuck for a new sense of hope and freedom

  • have the courage to start and continue the process of ultimate healing

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The GET OVER IT! process is unique for each person. Some of us need to start at the beginning with self, others may seek direction for their marriage, and some need help as a parent.


Those who O.V.E.R.come through this process break free from the STUCK CYCLE©... 

They live LIFE to the FULL!

The GET O.V.E.R. IT process works for ALL stages of life

Become an O.V.E.R.comer and Break Free from the STUCK CYCLE©.

What Others Are Saying


Mark Lesher

Executive Pastor,
Christ Journey Church

"Sally is a gifted speaker. If you are looking for someone to lead marriage and family events, staff development or care ministry formation, please let me commend her to you."

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Lilibeth Garcia

Founder, The Legacy Ministries

"Sally has a poised approach which brings confidence to any group she partners with. She makes organizations and relationships stronger."

Image by Hunters Race

M & C

Married Couple

“Sally brought my wife and I 'home'. The tools she shared with us helped return our relationship to the beautiful, supportive and loving place it had once been.”

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