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I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Author, Speaker,

and the Founder of Life to the Full.

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I love God and believe He wants us to live in His abundance, not in the losses life brings. I am passionate about helping people move from where they are to where they want to be – where God calls them. I want you to understand your stuck places, the steps to moving past them, and the freedom Christ came to give you. My greatest desire is to help you live live your life to the full!



I was perfectly happy in my life and my plans for the future when God started speaking to me about the "new thing" He was going to do through me. This new thing involved a move from the only place I had ever lived, uprooting my kids, and leaving my practice and my work at a church. Despite this, my husband and I decided to say, "yes" to God's prompting. That was the beginning of my utter dependency on Him, a difficult but amazing experience. It included some great struggling with God over what He was revealing to me – and a severe identity crisis! Who was I if I was not who I had always been – in a new place with a new direction. 

Had I been just living?  Was God bringing me into a fuller experience of life in Him?A new level of dependence on Him?

I believe so - and He wants to do the same for you!

He is a God of abundance and He wants us to experience life fully so that we can share His love with others who feel stuck or are just living. I have walked with so many people who have moved from loss to abundance – I have seen the difference between surviving and thriving, from living in and from loss to living in and from His abundance. How about you? Do you want to break free and experience His fullness?

If you are tired, afraid or discouraged; if you feel trapped by your “it," my deepest prayer is that you find His hope here, 

Let’s go after this together!

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