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Fear shifts our focus away from our faith and trust in God, and
prevents us from being still in life’s storms.

Remember your faith, overcome fear, and live your fullest life through
God’s Word and the power of Jesus.


In Christ, your boat won’t sink, your storm won’t last forever, and He will always do what He says. Got Fear? will show you how to fight fear and live in freedom.


Got Fear? is a Scripture-based guide for those who suffer from chronic fear, and the struggles that arise as a result of fearful thought patterns.

The wisdom and Scripture in this book will help you move from fear to freedom by showing you:

The unknown causes fear.


Many people fear change, but it’s more common to fear the unknown--especially when the unknown is associated with change. Learn how Scripture and the Spirit of God can be used to overcome even your deepest fears. 

Faith overcomes fear. 

It’s possible to overcome fear through prayer and Scripture. Take a deep dive into 31 Bible verses that specifically outline what God says about fear, and experience true freedom through His Word. 

Fear is contagious. 

If you experienced heightened fear during our collective experience in 2020, then you’re not alone. Fear spreads quickly, and it’s not what God wants for our lives. Find out what science says about fear, the negative impact it can have on the brain and body, and what you can do about it.

If you struggle to overcome a spirit of fear in your life, you need

Got Fear?!

  • Discover why fear is a contagious infection and how you can apply God’s Word to isolate and contain it

  • Take a deep dive into Scripture and what God says about living in a spirit of fear

  • Learn how to use Scripture and prayer to break free from the bondage of a fearful mindset 

  • Spend 31 days in the Word with 31 devotions that feature specific Bible verses about fear 

  • Live your life free of soul-crushing fear, instead enjoying the comfort and peace of mind God provides His children

Want to get a jumpstart on your journey? Read the first chapter and do our FIGHT FEAR Prayer Challenge.

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